How to start a business?

Part 1



Time Management


Start with creating content – In other words, put your plans in writing.

Write Content for your business. Content is the most powerful tool a business can use for success. Clients tend to do research before using a new service / buy product online. The content you create will be used to build your business profile & website.

Feel free to follow the article below on how to build a company profile:



Have a professional business plan ready to send potential clients.

Every business starts with a good business plan. An excellent plan to be exact. You can map the business plan structure by reading the different business plan models. Please see below:

Start-Up Business Plans, Internal Business Plans, Strategic Business Plans, Feasibility Business Plans, Growth Business Plans. For more information I would recommend the below article by Small Business Chron.



Organize the business structure & plan your daily schedule to manage all divisions within your 35-40 hour working.

Overview your business plan. Use the organizational structure to determine how much time / hours you’ll require to manage each division. The standard working individual works 35-40 hours a week. It is possible to manage a business with an organized daily diary, and sticking to the schedule until it feels like second nature. 

What is an organizational structure? An organizational defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. Organizational structure affects organizational action and provides the foundation on which standard operating procedures and routines rest. Wikipedia



Find your target market.


Your business will either sell products, or provide a service. Do extensive research on your business industry to find your target market. The knowledge from the research will guide you in a particular direction. Remember not every article will assist with what you might be looking for. Keep reading until you feel confident with the suggested strategy. The next step will be to test the waters with the new marketing strategy that you have planned. Side note: Do not plan too far ahead. 1 week in advance, 2 weeks in advance or even a month in advance planning could work. This all depends on you as a business owner.

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